Channel 2 News Special- Elizabeth’s Story

Here it is! For those of you who missed it, Tom Regan was nice enough to send us a video link to the special report on heroin in Atlanta that aired on Monday, February 10th.

A special shout-out to Elizabeth’s sister, Jennifer Echols for braving the cameras and telling her story to such a large audience.

Thank you for watching and sharing the video with friends and family!

WSB Atlanta Channel 2

We’re excited that Tom Regan at Channel 2 reached out to us to be part of his special
investigation on Heroin in Cobb County suburbs. Jennifer met with Tom a few weeks ago for an interview. In addition to discussing Elizabeth’s story, he will also talk about how she saved the lives of two people through organ donation.

The story will air on Monday, February 10th at 5:45.

By actingbalanced